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upload keys, and any keys created via apc_add(). This listing includes a Timeout value, which is "none" for the apc_add keys and 3600 for the upload keys. Somewhat suspicious, I'd say, since the keys stop being working after
1 hour of use.

APC lets you set a number of timeout values: apc.gc_ttl, apc.user_ttl,
apc.ttl. I have set all of these to be gianormous, but the upload key
timeout value never changes.

I can't believe that this is an inherent limitation, or nobody would be using this. The Google claims people are using this for big uploads, so I

I've just had my first glance at the APC source code, so I could be
misreading something, but it appears that 3600 was hardcoded in until
about 3 weeks ago.

Here's the trunk commit that seems to have made that value configurable:


And there's a reference to a PECL bug in the commit message:


I have no idea when this change will trickle through to a production
build -- or if it already has, but I suspect not, because the
hardcoded 3600 was still present in the latest available source code
tarball at http://pecl.php.net/get/APC


Thank you so much, I felt like I was on crazy pills!

I was afraid it was a bug. I have generally just used whatever is at whatever host, until this project, and didn't really think something so glaring could be in there. WTF!

So, it seems like it would be pretty straight forward to fix this, if I was willing to run on a custom version until this fix is released. Do people do that? What do you think?

The alternative is starting over with python or perl. Sheesh!


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