>I think the term drop-menu is bad in this case, as essentially what you are 
>saying is:
>1) user is presented with the basic navigation menu
>2) user clicks an item and page navigates somewhere else
>3) because of the item user clicked in 2) display some extra menu items


>That's not a menu, it's just a navigation bar that changes slightly depending 
>on where you are in the site...


So the focus should not be on the click events, but on the URL changes.
Since it will be based on URL changes and not, on click/hover events, I can 
rely this navigation system entirely on php. Right?

If this is correct, the only think I need then, is to create a condition, to 
show/hide ul/li items based on:

a) the url changes.


b) the existence or non-existence of child array elements that needs to be 
verified each time the user navigates to a page.

Is this correct?

Thanks again,

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