>Think of it a bit like an online shop selling operating systems:
>1) All the main OS's you sell are on the front page - Linux, MacOS & Windows
>2) User clicks on Linux, and is taken to the url /products/linux and they are 
>shown all the Linux OS's on offer >(Fedora, SuSe, Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc)
>3) User clicks on Fedora and is taken to the URL /products/linux/fedora and 
>they are shown all the versions of Fedora >up to 11
>4) etc
>The URL belies what section you are on, which makes it easy for the user to 
>remember, and easy for you to extract >information from to know exactly where 
>the user is. Obviously in the above URLs I'm assuming mod_rewrite is being 

Thanks a lot! Really.
I will now start coding based on all this information and see what I will get.

I'm sure that the designer will kill me later, by telling me... couldn't we 
just... fade in this a little bit... Ahhrrggg!!!


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