From: Skip Evans

> I just downloaded the Netbeans 6.5 IDE to use as a code 
> editor, installed the PHP plugin for syntax highlighting and 
> it didn't look so good, so I find on the forum a guy who has 
> made a collection of files, starting in a directory called 
> config, that will apparently change the highlighting more in 
> line to what I'm used to.
> But he gave no instructions how this is to be installed and I 
> can't find anywhere in the documentation how to install this 
> stuff.

Three questions.

1. Why did you install an obsolete version? 6.7.1 is current and 6.8 is
now in beta.

2. You just asked this question on the NetBeans mailing list, which is
more likely to result in a useable answer. Can't you wait for them?

3. Did you try reading the help section on "Configuring IDE Settings"?

Once again you forgot to include that you installed this on Ubuntu.

Bob McConnell

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