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> Bob McConnell wrote:
> > 
> > Three questions.
> > 
> > 1. Why did you install an obsolete version? 6.7.1 is current and
> > 6.8 is now in beta.
> Because that what Ubuntu installs with apt-get install 
> netbeans and I like to stick with Ubuntu tested stuff.

After being down this road with java apps like NB, Eclipse and
Tomcat IMHO you get very little benefit from installing the distro's
version, which always seem to be just far enough behind the latest to be
an annoyance for development purposes.

Download NB 6.7.1 (or even better, 6.8 Beta which looks pretty good to
me), run the install script and you're done. It's built-in updater will
handle the rest. Then if you're still feeling antsy about the choice of
syntax colors you can choose any of five different theme profiles under
Tools->Options->Fonts&Colors or customize any one of them to your
heart's content.



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