If you go Tools>Options> Keymap tab, you can click the 'Import' button at
the bottom. It just imports the zip file.
I'm new to Netbeans myself and decided to install this colour scheme,
however I can't get it to display correctly.

I'm also missing word wrap and a more simple one-click FTP upload interface,
so I'm still in half a mind as to whether I abandon NuSphere (which we sort
of grew up with) just yet.
Unless anyone out there knows any plugins that add the functionality to

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Hey all,

I just downloaded the Netbeans 6.5 IDE to use as a code 
editor, installed the PHP plugin for syntax highlighting and 
it didn't look so good, so I find on the forum a guy who has 
made a collection of files, starting in a directory called 
config, that will apparently change the highlighting more in 
line to what I'm used to.

But he gave no instructions how this is to be installed and I 
can't find anywhere in the documentation how to install this 

Any Netbeaners out there know how to install syntax 
highlighting stuff?

I found it here.


Downloaded and unzipped the archive and then I stopped like 
the robot on Lost in Space when they pulled out his power pack.

Any help would be great!

Skip Evans
PenguinSites.com, LLC
503 S Baldwin St, #1
Madison WI 53703
Those of you who believe in
telekinesis, raise my hand.
  -- Kurt Vonnegut

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