On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 8:13 PM, John Black
<s...@network-technologies.org> wrote:
> James McLean wrote:
>> I myself and I'm sure many others will agree that sticking to 'around'
>> 80 chars is best-practice, it's handy for those times when you need to
>> fix code in an emergency in an 80 col terminal, among other reasons.
>> Personally the 80 col marker (I set it to 78 cols actually) is one of
>> the first things I enable in Eclipse PDT..
> I only use a character limit for email but I have a wide screen so write
> code to the edge of the screen.
> Updating code via a terminal connection is no problem either because vim
> will wrap long lines.
> So 80chars may have been a good idea a long time ago but I think that the
> rule is a bit outdated.

Personally I find wrapped vi/vim lines very annoying, hence why I
stick to short lines where possible :)


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