Greg Maruszeczka wrote:
Download NB 6.7.1 (or even better, 6.8 Beta which looks pretty good to
me), run the install script and you're done. It's built-in updater will
handle the rest. Then if you're still feeling antsy about the choice of
syntax colors you can choose any of five different theme profiles under
Tools->Options->Fonts&Colors or customize any one of them to your
heart's content.

I took Greg's advice and downloaded 6.7.1, installed no problem, and now there is an import button, but when I try to import the new style from the NetBeans Forum it doesn't have any affect.

So, taking Greg's advice again I'll restyle it myself.

Now, if I can just get rid of that red line at the 80 column mark. I haven't bothered with 80 columns since I wrote assembly on a terminal connected to a PDP-11 in college.


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