Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Lester Caine wrote:
Since a large section of our USER base is still tied to W2k and does not
have access to install other software, the call for IE6 to die is STILL
somewhat premature!
What is needed is someone to kick M$ to sort the mess out by at least
allowing IE8 to install on W2k machines, rather than telling hundreds of
councils they have to replace ALL their computers :(

The alternative is to convince M$ controlled councils that Firefox is OK
and that using it will not invalidate their contracts - but then all the
work currently being done to convert legacy setups to work with *IE7*
would have to be scrapped and reworked on Firefox. Many of my customers
have only just got funds to start an *IE7* roll out! Redoing all that
work for IE8 is yet another problem for which money is not available.

Support of any type for Win2K is over in 5 months.  Better upgrade.

With ALL councils in the UK having to cut jobs to meet their budget allocation, there is no way they can afford to waste money on replacing perfectly functional kit! I'm at a site in the morning that have just MOVED dozens of W2k machines into their relocated support office simply because replacing them is out of the question. They are closing down an office to save money! Simply because M$ say something is not a good enough reason to waste money. YES going open source would be a very good idea, but then all the staff would have to be retrained and that is another budget string with no available funds :(

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