Hello Angus,

on 02/17/2010 09:35 AM Angus Mann said the following:
> I've always found the phpclasses website a bit confusing to navigate and
> I've never had much success finding what I want. But it's free and as a
> non-paying customer I don't feel entitled to complain, when probably a
> bit more work from me would find what I was looking for.
> As for advertising, well so what. It's there and my eye is pretty well
> trained to ignore it. No big deal to me, and if it's a necessary thing
> to pay for a free site, then so be it.
> The site could do with an easier interface and I look forward to seeing
> it in action, but I think it's a bit too much to complain and swear and
> criticize the owner if you're not paying for what he provides. And if
> you are paying, then you can't honestly say you didn't know what you
> were signing up for. The information is all there if you take the time
> and trouble to find it.

Criticism is welcome when it is constructive, regardless whether you are
paying or not to use the site.

My greatest problem with criticism is when it is vague. For instance
"confusing to navigate" and "easier interface" is vague.

It would be more helpful if you say what exactly is confusing you when
you navigate the site, as I am not capable to imagine what goes on in
your mind that you find confusing.

Actually, better than that, would be specific suggestions to make it
less confusing for you, if you would not mind going further than just
pointing what is not good for you.

When it comes to not finding what you are looking for, as I mentioned
before, a few months ago the site search pages for non-premium users was
improved to split results in tabs according to the page section they belong.

I wonder if you have seen that already and if that would help in making
it better for you. Just go on the site search pages and check it out if
you have not done it already.


Manuel Lemos

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