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>> Its a very bad idea to allow public registration for parents, instead
>> the school IT department should give accounts to students and parents.
> Now, how does that answer the question?  What does it matter to you how or 
> where this is being done?  That's not what I was asking.  The simple fact 
> that I mentioned a school district in my e-mail, you took that approach.  I 
> could've just as well mentioned a completely different scenario.  The point 
> is, the question is about different levels of access based on a registration 
> process.


I think Nilesh, (and later both Bobby & I), were just looking out for
our fellow developer, with good, if not the best intentions.

Consider the scenario where you are making a school district site for
students and parents, and you slipped up and gave access to kids details
to anybody who claimed to be a parent - I think in that scenario you'd
really appreciate the gentle nudge - and we, many of us parents,
wouldn't want the possibility of a hurt (or worse) child due to not
speaking up ;)



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