Bobby Pejman wrote:
> I would also agree that allowing parent registration could be risky.  What 
> you may be able to do just off the top is create a UserLevel field in your 
> users table and assign value 1 for all those who say they're students.  That 
> is, if you have no student ids at your disposal.
> Then, when parents register, you can ask who their kid is, and assign a user 
> level 2, for example.  When a parent finishes their registration, don't allow 
> them access.  Display a message saying "you'll have to call in to get your 
> password" or something similar.
> What you're essentially doing is identifying parents by their user level yet 
> making sure parents are parents.
> Just an idea I thought I share.

yeah - that's quite a strong point! whatever you do, do not give any
details of students to anybody unless they are 100% verified and allowed
the info - that's one thing I would not want to screw up on myself,
could be a nasty lawsuit.



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