On Monday 03 May 2010 at 03:49 Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:


>So what if a student registers on the wrong side of the wall?  Nothing
> happens


>  Kids would be registering for a
>  photo contest, parents will be registering for something completely
>  different.

You might try changing the interface to reflect the above - instead of 
dividing the users into students and parents, give them two nice big buttons 
to click "Register for Photo Contest" and "Register for This Other Thing".

As far as managing the differences in code, when they log in stick $userType 
(from the database I guess) in the session and check it in every secured page 
to control who sees what. I've done several variations on this particular 
theme; it's simple to manage, especially if you have a page initialisation 
function/method you can put the $userType check into. 



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