I would also agree that allowing parent registration could be risky.  What you 
may be able to do just off the top is create a UserLevel field in your users 
table and assign value 1 for all those who say they're students.  That is, if 
you have no student ids at your disposal.

Then, when parents register, you can ask who their kid is, and assign a user 
level 2, for example.  When a parent finishes their registration, don't allow 
them access.  Display a message saying "you'll have to call in to get your 
password" or something similar.

What you're essentially doing is identifying parents by their user level yet 
making sure parents are parents.

Just an idea I thought I share.
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Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
> Slightly OT, but I can't think of a better forum to ask this in.  I'm sure a
> lot of us here have at some point or another built a system that requires
> registration to gain access.  What I'm trying to figure is how to set
> different levels of access.
> We're building a large site for a school district, to be used by both
> students and parents.  When a student logs in, they gain some access to the
> site, and when a parent logs in, they gain access to other sections on the
> site.  That's all fine and dandy, it's the actual registration process that
> I'm having a hard time with.
> How to determine if a registration is a student or a parent.  Do I simply
> give them a check box (or other method) to pick from (student or parent) and
> hope they're being honest?  Has anyone here have to deal with that in the
> past, and would you be willing to give me some ideas of what you did?
> Thanks!

Ideally you need to be able to unambiguously identify either a student
or a parent, you're best bet is to go for student - thus try and find a
single bit of information that both a student and you know about that
student, possibilities are:

  student id

and so forth.. if the person signing up has any of these things then
they must be a student.



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