Daniel Brown wrote:
On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 16:37, Steve Staples <sstap...@mnsi.net> wrote:
Ok, here it goes...

I am building an app, that requires a web interface.  I am using PHP
becuase I am familiar with it.   Most of the app's i've been looking at,
use Python, Cherry.py and stuff, but what I was wondering, is is there a
way to create a php CLI app, that creates it's own "web server" even if
apache is installed.

i want to be able to run it on like port 8880 or something... just
looking out there fro something...

    I had written one about two years ago for a project, but the code
belongs to the client company, so it won't make it to open source.
However, not only can it be done, but there's even some in existence.
Check this one out:


    I've never used it myself, but it may be worth a shot for you.

I use this as a mini web server on my XP workstation just for testing little things. I have no idea how well it will perform in real world use nor have I tried it on any *nix setup.

Just my experiences...


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