On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 02:07:12PM -0400, tedd wrote:

> At 1:47 PM -0400 9/12/10, Jason Pruim wrote:
> >>On Sep 12, 2010, at 1:33 PM, tedd wrote:
> >>So, can I do what I do (i.e., programming) without having a host?
> >>Can I install a local server at my clients location and interface
> >>all their computers to use the server without them ever being
> >>connected to the Internet?
> >
> >I may not know all the possibilities but the only way I can think of
> >to accomplish that  would be to have a server setup in their office
> >with a bank of modems and have everyone call into the server.
> >Basically like an old school internet provider.
> >
> >If the main server can be secured to your clients liking there are
> >ways that it can be on the net and still as safe as possible... But
> >obviously not as safe as hard lines being dialed in...
> >
> >You'ld also have to take into account possibly long distance charges
> >if everyone wasn't local...
> Forget modems or other such outside access -- everything would be
> done internally with computers and users being physically located
> within the office's physical location.
> So, could a server be set up in an office that would run
> web-languages such that users in the office could access their server
> and run scripts using browsers?

I just think I couldn't possibly be fully understanding what you're
asking. But in case I *do* understand it, it would be like this:

Set up a switch in the server room and connect everyone to it. Connect
the switch to the internal webserver. Give the webserver an internal
(non-routable) IP and hostname. Anyone can access it via

No one outside the LAN can access it, something you can enforce with
Apache or with iptables (Linux).

I have one of these set up in my house/office.

Hope this helps.


Paul M. Foster

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