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Can a business have a server connected to the Internet but limit
access to just their employees? I don't mean a password protected
scheme, but rather the server being totally closed to the outside
world other than to their internal employees? Or is this something
that can only be provided by a LAN with no Internet connection?

Not entirely sure what you're asking, but could you maybe achieve something like this with a WAN using a VPN?



I'm sure this is an obvious question for many on this list, but I'm not above showing my ignorance.

I guess what I am asking -- if a client wanted an application written (in web languages) so that their employees could link all their different computers together and share/use information using browsers, is that possible using a server that is not connected to the Internet?

Look, I know that I can solve my clients problems by finding a host and writing scripts to do what they want -- that's not a problem. But everything I do is open to the world. Sure I can provide some level of security, but nothing like the security that can be provided behind closed and locked doors.

So, can I do what I do (i.e., programming) without having a host? Can I install a local server at my clients location and interface all their computers to use the server without them ever being connected to the Internet?

Maybe I should ask my grandson. :-)

Hi tedd,

I may not know all the possibilities but the only way I can think of to accomplish that would be to have a server setup in their office with a bank of modems and have everyone call into the server. Basically like an old school internet provider.

If the main server can be secured to your clients liking there are ways that it can be on the net and still as safe as possible... But obviously not as safe as hard lines being dialed in...

You'ld also have to take into account possibly long distance charges if everyone wasn't local...

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