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> At 5:57 PM +0100 9/12/10, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 12:55 -0400, tedd wrote:
>>> Can a business have a server connected to the Internet but limit
>>> access to just their employees? I don't mean a password protected
>>> scheme, but rather the server being totally closed to the outside
>>> world other than to their internal employees? Or is this something
>>> that can only be provided by a LAN with no Internet connection?
>> Not entirely sure what you're asking, but could you maybe achieve something 
>> like this with a WAN using a VPN?
>> Thanks,
>> Ash
> Ash:
> I'm sure this is an obvious question for many on this list, but I'm not above 
> showing my ignorance.
> I guess what I am asking -- if a client wanted an application written (in web 
> languages) so that their employees could link all their different computers 
> together and share/use information using browsers, is that possible using a 
> server that is not connected to the Internet?
> Look, I know that I can solve my clients problems by finding a host and 
> writing scripts to do what they want -- that's not a problem. But everything 
> I do is open to the world. Sure I can provide some level of security, but 
> nothing like the security that can be provided behind closed and locked doors.
> So, can I do what I do (i.e., programming) without having a host? Can I 
> install a local server at my clients location and interface all their 
> computers to use the server without them ever being connected to the Internet?
> Maybe I should ask my grandson. :-)
> Cheers,
> tedd
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What do you mean "without ever being connected to the internet?" That statement 
throws me a bit because if it isn't connected to the public net the only 
alternative would be to run hard lines between hosts.


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