There's more than one way to skin a cat - if not directly from PHP to PDF,
why not PHP to a .TeX LaTeX file, then use exec() to run latex and dvi2pdf
on it.  No license restrictions there that I know of, and you can get some
very nice results with LaTeX.


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> Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 4:00 AM
> Subject: "report" generation with PHP
> Hello:
> I wrote an small web application that interfaces a Microsoft Access
> database.  The database is fairly small and simple: it is a listing of
> employees, their phone number(s) and their department.  My interface
> allows folks to view the phone list, search for a name, list by
> department, etc., and allows certain users to update the phone book (add
> employees, change phone numbers, etc).  It's a fairly "typical" phonebook
> application.
> The Access database has a macro in it that allows for the generation of a
> report.  The report is a nicely formatted listing of all the employees and
> their phone numbers, grouped by department.  Everybody fits on one page.
> The whole purpose of this report is to be printable, and so that the one
> page phone list can be distributed throughout the factory.
> Now I want to be able to generate this report from the web.  It doesn't
> have to use Access (and I would prefer that it didn't, so I can convert to
> MySQL).  But I don't know of a nice (and easy!) way to generate such a
> report.  Using HTML tables isn't acceptable---when you print, you still
> get the header and footer that the browser adds (and it's unacceptable to
> have everyone modify their browser's setup).  Furthermore, the printable
> list has to look as close as possible to the original, because if I start
> changing formats, people will get upset.
> So I'm not really too sure where to start on this one.  If anyone could
> offer some suggestions, and point me in the right direction, it would be
> sincerely appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Matt
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