> ╬n 17 Jul 2001 19:47:23 +1200 Philip Murray a scris:
> > What about using a Windows COM object? There should be one for Access
and if
> > not you can use the Word one and generate word documents
> Don't use Words for that... We've had to generate invoices to be

I've also done the same thing. Approximately 400 invoices a day all from a
backend administration website. However, we forked out a license to use the
PDF library.

> imagine if the address in the invoiced didn't matched the envelope's
> area... (don't think a word document can handle 6000 invoices anyway)

Yes, well true. But, the point was there is the facility to use a COM object
instead of some multi-server or java kludge. If you can find a COM object to
do the task (Matt: you talked about using Access for your needs) then
that'll probably be the easiest/fasted solution on Win32 (short of paying
for PDF).

On a side note, is there some Adobe license which prevents people writing
Free for use PDF libraries? Or is it just by chance that the 2 that exist
require you to purchase a license?

Philip Murray

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