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ok, there is a copy of index.php ion the cgibin, and this got WAY
It puked an error.

   "CGI script /cgi-bin/index.php returned nothing"

NOW W.T.F., over?
I think that it's time for some rack time. 'Night all.

On 4/11/2012 12:50 AM, Kirk Bailey wrote:
ok, I just installed 5.2.17 VC6X86. I have a simple test page,
index.php; it spews the content code at me.

On 4/10/2012 11:13 AM, Bogdan Ribic wrote:
On 4/10/2012 04:05, Kirk Bailey wrote:
The edition of php for windows I instaklled does not work. Which
of windows php DOES work properly in windows?
Trust me, it does work :)

I'm running PHP 5.3.10 thread-safe, as apache module on apache
2.4.1 from apache lounge (not official apache builds, as
instructed on PHP's download site), all of that on Win XP. Read
the instruction in php bundle on setting it up with apache 2.2

You have to tell your "tinyweb" what to do with the .php extensions... in
the config of the webserver, you will have to add a line saying where the
php binary is, or uncomment it (as it probably already exists) and restart
the webserver.

As it appears to me, since you can have some "code" on the screen, your
server does not know how to deal with it, so it will treat it like a text
file, and just spew the code out.   Once you have it pointing to the php
binary, it will work.

Maybe this will help - http://itsecuritylab.eu/index.php/2010/09/24/tinyweb-pocket-size-portable-web-server-with-cgi-and-php-support/

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