I had to solve very similar problem - solution was to store prepared
e-mails in
database and send them with an external program using cron to run it.
sending about 40,000 announces per day with my system with no problems.

Mirek Novak
Matthew Delmarter píše:

> I want to set up a script that sends a bunch of emails - pauses - and
> resumes until all messages are sent.
> The way this will happen is that a person will create the newsletter, check
> it, and then press the "Send" button which will start the process of sending
> the mail in bunches. How do I get a script to run in the background? I am
> only familiar with processing script within an html page that is returned to
> a client. Will a script like this keep running even if a browser window is
> closed?
> Also is there any examples of this kind of app?
> Regards,

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