So sprach »Justin Farnsworth« am 2001-07-24 um 04:52:57 -0400 :
> > > Also is there any examples of this kind of app?
> Just do something like this with shell, logically
> while read_line_from_email_address_list ; do
>       cat your_text_file | mail -s "Your Subject" address_from_list;
>       sleep 1;
> done;

Hmm, this is no good if you have a REAL huge list.  If there are more
than 86.400 recipients, it'll take more than a day to do the queuing.

BUT: talking about such huge numbers, I'd not take sendmail anyway.
There are better solutions which also have additional features.
Handling all those bounces manually will be a mess.

Alexander Skwar
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