So sprach »Don Read« am 2001-07-24 um 13:56:51 -0500 :
> Folks whack at Sendmail for its past security sins (old news) + complex
> (& near impossible to master) .cf configuration. But I know i spent more hours
> setting up my first UUCP box then i ever did on ...
> Once setup by a competent admin, Sendmail can hold its own against all but
> the heavily customized MTAs.
> > There are better solutions which also have additional features.
> ~ s/ better / other /    
> > Handling all those bounces manually will be a mess.
> > 
> No matter which MTA you use.

Yep, exactly.  This was not intended to be a flame against sendmail.  I
simply used sendmail as an example for any MTA, except those highly
specialized ones.  It also might be a viable idea to outsource something
like this.  It's often cheaper and saves you the hastle.

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