On 24-Jul-2001 Alexander Skwar wrote:
> So sprach »Justin Farnsworth« am 2001-07-24 um 04:52:57 -0400 :
>> > > Also is there any examples of this kind of app?
>> Just do something like this with shell, logically
>> while read_line_from_email_address_list ; do
>>      cat your_text_file | mail -s "Your Subject" address_from_list;
>>      sleep 1;
>> done;
> Hmm, this is no good if you have a REAL huge list.  If there are more
> than 86.400 recipients, it'll take more than a day to do the queuing.

I'll agree; it's not great, but not too bad as a proto-type.

On a similar project I used Perl Socket:: to connect to the mailserver via tcp.
The big win was when the load on the mailserver gets too high it'll stop
accepting connections ...
then the script goes to sleep for a few minutes and tries again.
Plus each connect & close has a build/tear-down time that is an automatic
'sleep' between each batch.

I'd pull 100 addresses at a time (if you order by domain, that's another
save for your DNS box), connect(), spit out 20 'RCPT TO:', 
'DATA' + msg + '.'; repeat till the 100 addresses are sent, close().
Fetch the next batch of 100,  and so on ...

This managed 10,000 /hr with 2 rather modest FreeBSD boxen, one with the
database and script, the other as mailserver hosting the company's POP
mail-drops (stock Sendmail + minor .cf tweaks).

> BUT: talking about such huge numbers, I'd not take sendmail anyway.

Folks whack at Sendmail for its past security sins (old news) + complex
(& near impossible to master) .cf configuration. But I know i spent more hours
setting up my first UUCP box then i ever did on sendmail.cf ...

Once setup by a competent admin, Sendmail can hold its own against all but
the heavily customized MTAs.

> There are better solutions which also have additional features.

~ s/ better / other /    

> Handling all those bounces manually will be a mess.

No matter which MTA you use.

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