I have been developing PHP for a while now, and I am wondering how other
developers find their PHP hosting company.  So far this has not been an
issue for me because I am always in full control of my servers (well, as
much control as possible with any web server :), but recently we have begun
to host other PHP sites.

We want to make sure that we are providing appropriate support to our PHP
developers.  I see too many hosting companies saying that they support PHP,
but not having anyone familiar with PHP on hand.  We want to have actual
support, a developer to call when you have a PHP issue.

What do you think a medium sized hosting company could do to give you (the
developer) better service and support?

Is access to professional PHP developers useful when an issue arises?

Are hosting companies reluctant to give you more access rights?

Are they willing to re-compile their PHP build to add other options?

How long do requested changes to the server take?

What other suggestions do you have for improving the relationship between
the server administrator and the PHP developer?

I spent some time going through the PHP site looking at the list of hosts
supporting PHP, but I didn't find any real discussion about what people want
in a host (although I did find plenty of things they don't want :).

I just figured that I would ask the PHP community exactly what they wanted.
Thank you for any insight that you can give me.


Derek Del Conte <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Gambit Design Internet Services
610.444.2443 610.368.9845 cellular
110 East State Street, Suite 18, Kennett Square, PA 19348

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