"Derek Del Conte" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote a lot that I snipped

Dear Derek
To give you some input I can tell you about some recently experienced
things in my php world...

My homepage is running on a server which host a lot of other domains.
Therefor I contacted the company to know if they had any plans about the
security issues that arise when many php developers can "steal" anything
they want from other sites on the same server.
The response was that there they knew the security wasn't ok but nobody
could access sensitive information (?!).
a) They dont know better/Dont have a person that actually know php. Or
b) They lie hopeing that I won't notice
They also told me that they would not do a thing about it

What I wanted was:
a) An honest answer
b) A promise to look into it, report back and maybe fix the problem or
warn about the risk. Not just look the other way pretending that there's
no problem.

As a developer I want access to several databases - not just one.
The company that hosts my site refuse to create more than one database
because of the ressources (human and technical) it takes.

I hope you could this.

Soeren Nielsen

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