> caveat--if there are some options that most folks would reasonably call
> 'optional' or 'dangerous', these shouldn't be expected. i am pretty new at
> programming and php, so i have no idea if things like this exist. i
> personally only compile in the options i use.

There are like 107 PHP third-party extensions.

A couple are pretty new/raw, a couple are pretty defunct, and some are just
so damn esoteric or have such a small user-base as to be pointless to
install unless you really know a customer wants it...

Anticipating what customers want can be tricky, though...

You can now compile PHP and later on add in PHP Extension Modules which is
cool...  I've done it with GD once, but it doesn't seem stable, or maybe I'm
doing something funky in the PHP code, as it displays one image only 20%
(ish) of the time.  I'll add GD for real later, but 20% is fine for the
proof-of-concept I'm working on right now.

Anyway, you may be able to add in new PHP extensions without re-compiling
everything, but you'll need to check up on the stability issue.

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