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> On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 12:31:38PM -0700, Mark Maggelet wrote:
>> i can't tell if it's just a email formatting thing, but if there's a
>> line break in the onsubmit string it might mess things up.
> It no _might_ mess things up... It sure does! Good one.
> But... another thing. You just might want to consider using braces.
> They're not invented for nothing. When you call functions (like
> return) you should use braces. Especialy when you start writing more
> complex scripts, the not using any braces, is just the thing that
> may because a lot of trouble.

a couple things.

although i agree with the general notion of using braces, return is not a
function (the manual calls it a statement), and atleast from what i can find
in the manual it doesn't take braces.


also from that page - "You can't return multiple values from a function, but
similar results can be obtained by returning a list."

i'm not really sure what the difference is between function, statement and
language construct (which is what echo is). syntactically, i know that
functions require parentheses.

with echo, the manual says you _cannot_ use parantheses if you are echoing
more than one thing.


-- mike cullerton

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