On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 09:26:48AM -0700, Mark Maggelet wrote:
> This isn't right, empty() won't give an error if $input isn't set.

That's true. Empty() doesn't return an error when $input isn't
defined. I didn't RT(F)M on this one. I always use "(!isset($something)
&& empty($something))" to check whether or not $something is empty/not
It's realy more of a feeling. Empty() actualy only checks for a
value in $something. It's basicaly the same as "(!$something)"
except that empty() doesn't return a warning if $something isn't set
(...look, this time I did RTM :).
So... basicaly, with empty() you don't check if $something is set.
You just don't get to know it. So that's why I use isset() with it.
I know the result is the same, but hey... I'm the same guy that
checks the returnvalue of printf() and stuff (another thread in this
list). So... well... Let's just say I have a 'checking-fetish' of
some kind :p


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