On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 11:58:51AM -0600, mike cullerton wrote:
> i don't use echo either. i use printf. i was just trying to pass along some
> things i learned reading the manual that were related to the topic.

Cool... finaly. You won't believe how many people use echo(). And I
realy don't know why. But, hey, if we take a look at many of the
(pieces of) scripts you see passing by on this list people don't
seem to care about error-checking. Many of 'm don't even look at the
logfiles or don't have anything logged into them.
And ofcourse I have to admit what's so interesting about
error-checking printf? Well... I say, you always have to check
anything that returns a value. You can better check to much than not
enough. You agree?

> > But you'll have to admit, using braces makes things a lot easier.
> i already did.

Hmmmm... yeah... Oops... Sorry!
Think my error-checking failed :)

> > And because what this was all about was JavaScript (and not PHP),

I must admit... it's a bit strange on a PHP-list but hey, the real
problem he had was in the JS, so...

> cool, i came in late in the thread. i _do_ use braces. i like braces. braces
> are my friends.

Most excellent, dude! :)

> > And ehhhh, who said anything about returning multiple values?
> again, just something learned from the manual.

Ah... okay... Can be useful... But isn't that more of... you know...
like RTFM?!?! But, hey; it's true alright. Do it all the time.
Well... pretty often anyway.

> i was only trying to pass on info about differences between function calls,
> statements and constructs, and hopefully helping someone out in the process.

Okay... "problem" solved.

> isn't that what we do here?

Sure is!!!



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