> (Even though I didn't understand quite how shared objects work. <g> )

Like, I only did it once, and it was GD, and about 80% of the time it puked
trying to display an image, but...

Basically, if you compile using --with-apxs in the first place, and then you
re-compile from source using that --with-apxs thingie again only you add
more --with-foobar options, you get these .so files in the libs directory
that you can just http://php.net/dl into your script rather than install the
whole new PHP binary.  More importantly, you could compile them on a
different machine (same hardware with all the same versions of everything)
and then put them onto a server that ain't got those toys.

(In my case it was about not altering the "main" PHP binary and making it
non-standard from the other 7 boxes for what was just a test run of
something I wanted to play with for a day...)

Or, at least, that's how my vague memory of stumbling through this once

Now if somebody more organized than me (most of you, I imagine) wants to try
that and turn it into a HowTo to add to the PHP site, that would be pretty
nifty :-)

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