>  one assumption you seem to have is the ongoing viability of php (if not
> the very livelihood of we the developers using php) is somehow a function
> of the number of folks who know what php is. that somehow the more folks
> know about php, the better php gets. it also seems that you feel 'the PHP
> people' are not putting forth enough effort to further php's acceptance and
> viability.
>  from my point of view as a developer using php, recognition of php in the
> corporate world is not as important as how good php is. i prefer to see
> efforts focused on developing the best darn HTML-embedded scripting
> language this side of the railroad tracks. whether or not php gets talked
> about on the evening news doesn't really matter. what matters is whether
> php helps me as a programmer. i don't care how many folks recognize the
> power of php. i care about the power of php. the number of folks using php
> is a function of whether or not 'the PHP people' can continue to produce
> such rockin' code over the next few years. not the other way around.
>  i imagine you have a unique perspective on the effort it takes to promote
> php. but, i'm guessing that 'the PHP people' probably do as well. i myself
> am unduly grateful for the effort that they put forth, not only in
> producing the rockin'st language anyone could have hoped for when learning
> to program, but in promoting php as well. when i saw php was featured at
> the open source convention in san jose, i knew things were moving along
> just fine. that's the kind of promotion i want to see. i believe 'the PHP
> people' should be allowed to promote php in a manner they are comfortable
> with. after all, it's their itch.
>  ya know, making the best HTML-embedded scripting language seems a pretty
> noble goal to me.

If you read my messages in the thread from the beginning you can see
that basically the current problems of PHP in its acceptance are more
with the people view of PHP than about its technical abilities. It is a
known fact that PHP is very good for Web programming. The problem is
that not everybody that could use PHP knows or is so sure about it. That
is why PHP needs to be better marketed.

Manuel Lemos

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