Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > If you read my messages in the thread from the beginning you can see
> > that basically the current problems of PHP in its acceptance are more
> > with the people view of PHP than about its technical abilities. It is a
> > known fact that PHP is very good for Web programming. The problem is
> > that not everybody that could use PHP knows or is so sure about it. That
> > is why PHP needs to be better marketed.
> Well, at least some of us are spending a whole lot of time getting in
> front of people and showing them how useful PHP is.  For the month of
> August I have seen my wife a total of 5 days.  In July I saw her about 9
> days.  The rest of the time I was on the road and in front of people
> showing them how cool PHP is or sometimes I was home and she was on the
> road.  Just to give you an idea.  A list of recent talks and
> presentations:

Nobody was questioning your commitment to promote PHP, but that hardly
address the problem of making PHP a credible choice for development
before people that could be using it with advantage but hardly are using
it because they hardly know about it.

The talks that you give are for people that already know about PHP. The
people, in special the corporations, even don't know about PHP to be
bothered to attend. You can't just expect people to follow you where you
are if they even don't know PHP as a language with reputation,
especially in the corporate world dominated by Microsoft stuff. That is
what I telling you to address.

Manuel Lemos

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