I started answering your letter point by point, but stopped, as it wouldn't 
have gotten us anywhere.

I'm sorry if sharing my (IMHO very realistic) estimate of the PHP world 
seemed like an insult to you or anybody else.  Not everything that is done 
in the PHP world is of good quality.  PHP and the various services around 
it are not magical, and are not free of flaws.  It would be scary if it 
was.  I basically said it out loud.  Do I appreciate each and every effort 
made to improve PHP and the community around it?  Definitely.  Is 
everything that's done perfect?  No.  Some of the efforts are young, and 
will mature.  Some are just not that good.  Many are great.  I'm sorry you 
fail to understand that this is a tricky business and not black&white, and 
try to show my points in a very negative light.  Talking in theoretical 
terms is much easier than trying to work with the real-world resources and 
context, and picking realistic routes.

As for the GUI business, I'll repeat what I answered to others on this 
list, and on other lists, in many occassions.
First off, Perl and Python are *NOT* successful GUI platforms.  They may be 
feature complete, they may be very easy to use and develop (I don't use 
either, so I don't know) but in practice, they're completely negligible in 
the GUI world.  I don't think anybody has a good reason to believe this is 
going to change in a revolutionary manner.  Now, does the fact that I think 
that hurts the developers of Perl's and Python's GUI bindings?  I sure as 
hell hope it doesn't, and it doesn't, if they're realistic people.
I don't see the efforts made in the PHP-GUI front as fundamentally 
different.  It's useful, it's cool, it should be developed and improved, 
and no, it will not take over the world.

About a central resource of PHP sites that has a voting system - I think 
that's a good idea.  You're quite welcome to implement it if you 
volunteer. will happily host it.


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