Zeev Suraski wrote:
> At 01:40 31-08-01, Manuel Lemos wrote:
> >Whoever hears you may even believe that Microsoft products and
> >supporting sites are successful because they don't have flaws. Sorry,
> >but honestely this sounds like an excuse for not doing it.
> Microsoft chooses which sites it links from microsoft.com *very* carefully
> - a very small select number of sites gets connected to it, and usually
> only for specific purposes (e.g., a specific article).  If you draw a
> comparison to the PHP world, you actually proved my point.

That hasn't much to do what I was saying, but, anyway your are not
linking to anybody in either php.net or zend.com , apart from the links
section and the directory that do not give a big deal of visibility.

> >The problem is not PHP-GUI capabilities being able to compete with other
> >languages. The problem is that you seem to be willing to omit them when
> >you present PHP as if it is something you don't want PHP be known for.
> I actually mention PHP-GTK in my sessions.  I mention it as an anecdote,
> much like I mention some of the other interesting modules and projects in
> PHP (e.g., PEAR).  I'm really not sure why people think I'm trying to bury
> PHP-GTK.  Just because I don't see PHP-GTK as a main course of PHP, doesn't
> mean I don't think it's an important and useful project.

Oh, man, do you really do that? That is worse than not mention it at
all. You may be joking but not everybody may understand it that way.
Doing that you ruining the credibility of those efforts that take PHP
far out what originally it was meant for. If you are going to just make
it a joke, you'd better not mention it at all. I think that is extremely
unfair for people like Andrei and other that worked so much on it! :-(

> >In this company, they have choose Microsoft stuff because they think it
> >is the right choice for what they do. For some things, PHP could be a
> >better choice, but it would be hard to convince who is in charge above
> >me because PHP does not benefit of a great credibility in the market
> >that would help me to make a good case to switch to PHP.
> In the US (and perhaps in the rest of America), that's relatively
> true.  That's not the case in Europe or the far east.  It has a lot to do
> with mentality and corporate culture.

So, what? Even if it is like you say, because you have this perception
that it is not that way in Europe and far east, you are not going to do
anything to help people living in the Americas to make a better case for
PHP in the corporate world?

Manuel Lemos

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