Actually this originally started (If you're referring to the thread itself)
with my question as to what to tell my JSP-loving buddy that PHP isn't an
antiquated and dying language/processing system.

I NEVER would have thought it was balloon into this conversation!

On 8/31/2001 10:29 AM this was written:

> This originally started as a call to php'ers to step up and market the
> language so that it can compete more vitally in a larger market.
> Both Rasmus and Zeev have stated that they believe they are doing just that
> via conferences and Zend. Mr Lemos et al believe that more should be done. A
> more constructive targeted aim at the .NET and Java based crowd. Several
> solutions/ideas have been suggested one of which is a poll/display of
> quality/imaginative etc php sites. Another suggested that php go the way of
> BIND and APACHE and that the wait will pay off with the volume of  users in
> 10-12 years.


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