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> Yep... that's what I said; You can't use pagebreaks. First...
> they're not part of HTML. Second; like you said yourself... it's not
> cross-platform... and like everyone knows; creating sites/pages that
> only some part of the users can see/use is not realy every very
> great solution. You build sites in order make as many people
> visit/use/see them as possible. Not just that one part of the world
> that uses the browser that you like.

However, using CSS to insert page breaks causes no problem at all in older 
browsers.  HTML (and related technologies) have been designed so that newer 
features do not cause problems on older clients.  Of course not everyone 
will use the newer features in such a way but that does not mean that they 
cannot be used correctly.  In theory a document written in XHTML should 
display (to some extent) on a text only browser which only supports HTML 1.

Chris Lambert

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