> I know that.  I did not say it would work - I said it would not cause any 
> problems.
> The HTML specification says that clients/browsers should ignore any tags 
> they don't understand.  Therefore any old browser coming across a 
> STYLE="..." will ignore it.  Pages made solely for newer browsers will 
> probably look awful in older browsers.  However, web pages can be written 
> that use the newer features of newer browsers (such as CSS, Javascript, 
> DHTML, Tables!, etc.) and are still accessible to older browsers.

Ahhh... well, I'm sorry... I misunderstood. I thought (/think) that
stuff that doesn't work _is_ a problem, but that just a matter of
oppinion obviously. If I write some code and a browser doesn't
show/use it, I believe I've got a real problem, but obviously not
everyone thinks that way (...)
I think it's pretty irritating when a browser ignores my tags, but
that will just be me, then.

Btw; JavaScript written for newer browsers will not always just be
ignored by older browsers. They can really choke in it. But that
just aside.

And for the HTML specification part... Yes... specifications can say
things like that indeed. The problem, though, is that browsers not
always stick to the specification. IE is a good example for that.
Yet it's used by over 90% of all users, so just sticking to the
specifications (like I used to do) isn't much of an option anymore.
Ofcourse you should at any point it's possible, but writing pages
only based on the specifications will not show up in many browsers
they way you intended it.
It's a damn shame, but true.


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