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> FYI; pagebreaks are added CSS2. Not available in CSS1, so not
> compatible with older versions of browsers (opposite to what you
> say).

I know that.  I did not say it would work - I said it would not cause any 

> The browsers have been made backwards-compatible (mostly anyway),
> and not forwards-compatible (like you say). Pages made for the older
> browsers still work (usualy... not always) on the newer browsers.
> But pages made for newer browsers hardly ever work fine on older
> browsers.

The HTML specification says that clients/browsers should ignore any tags 
they don't understand.  Therefore any old browser coming across a 
STYLE="..." will ignore it.  Pages made solely for newer browsers will 
probably look awful in older browsers.  However, web pages can be written 
that use the newer features of newer browsers (such as CSS, Javascript, 
DHTML, Tables!, etc.) and are still accessible to older browsers.

Chris Lambert

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