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Subject: Re: [PHP] Print current page with no printer dialog box -  How ?

> However, using CSS to insert page breaks causes no problem at all in older 
> browsers.  HTML (and related technologies) have been designed so that newer 
> features do not cause problems on older clients.  Of course not everyone 
> will use the newer features in such a way but that does not mean that they 
> cannot be used correctly.  In theory a document written in XHTML should 
> display (to some extent) on a text only browser which only supports HTML 1.

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FYI; pagebreaks are added CSS2. Not available in CSS1, so not
compatible with older versions of browsers (opposite to what you

Btw; another example of non-compatibility:
Try using that in eg older versions of IE. It's just ignored. Eg.
IE3 uses bgcolor io background-color.

The browsers have been made backwards-compatible (mostly anyway),
and not forwards-compatible (like you say). Pages made for the older
browsers still work (usualy... not always) on the newer browsers.
But pages made for newer browsers hardly ever work fine on older



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