I have "wrapped around" my web page, my form tag -- my pages are
auto-expanding -- that is, always flush with the left, right, top and bottom
of the users browser... in IE - the form tag (wrapped around the page)
doesn't cause a problem -- however, in NS (4x - 6x) there is some additional
space at the *bottom* of my page -- about an 1" (of white space.)

Nesting the form tag deeper within my web page *is not* an option -- as the
spacing caused by the form tag in NS jacks up other things -- so worse comes
to worse, I'd rather it produce the white space at the bottom, than to
influence my inner page design.

So my question is; Can I programmatically (through PHP) make it so that
(with the form tag where it is) in NS, the bottom table is flush with the
bottom of the browser (hence, eliminating the extra space cause by the form


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