On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 21:59:10 -0700, Nick Richardson wrote:
>Put this file in your emacs/lisp/progmodes dir... then make sure
>secureCRT has ANSI Color checked in your site's emulation
>Then add  (autoload 'php-mode  "php-mode-099" "PHP Mode" t) to your
>This is how i do it on a windows box... it should work just the same
>on a
>unix system. - if it doesn't work, search for php-mode-099 on google
>find the documentation on how to install it =)

Thanks, this mode deals with highlighting php pretty well, but it
doesn't seem to know how to deal with html blocks. I haven't found
anything better yet though.

I did find a good ssh client called putty that does emacs color
really well and is freeware.

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