It's almost certainly not W3C compliant, but if your form is inside a table
(I know, I know - you're not supposed to use tables for layout) you can hide
the <FORM> tags outside the <TD> tags of the cell containing the form: E.G.:

                <form action='somescript.php'>
                                <input type='text' name='input1'><br>
                                <input type='submit'>

I've never had a problem with this workaround in IE/Netscape 4.x as long as
the tags are nested correctly.  Not sure about Lynx/Konqueror/Opera.

I try whenever possible to follow the W3C's standards, but inconsistent
browser implementation of HTML and CSS usually gets in the way. :P

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> Subject: Re: Forms and Netscape -- spacing problem -- Help!

> > form tag in NS (4x - 6x) there is some additional space

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