On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Shane Wright wrote:

> Maybe this list should be split - kindof into a php-newbies and a
> php-advanced ?

So all the newbies can help all the newbies, and all the advanced people
can help the advanced people?  That wouldn't work out.  All the newbies
would subscribe to the advanced list, and advanced users who like helping
newbies would subscribe to the newbies list.  And we'd have two of the
same list.

I don't see a problem with this list.  The person who started this thread,
after being on the list for only a week, made a very uninformed decision
to say something so devoid of value or thought that it makes less sense
than when a newbie asks a question without checking the manual first.

After being on the list for a year, and following the newsgroup for a year
prior to subscribing to the list, I've noticed very few people asking
questions that are answered in the manual more than once ... "repeat
offenders" if you will.  And there are even fewer people who are dumb
enough to make an issue out of it.  This list is actually quite friendly
to newbies, and is a primary reason why I stay on subscribed.  I like
helping new php developers (in terms of using php), and I like that that
there are good number of people who like helping new php developers in a
very friendly manner.

I suspect that those are the same reasons why new php users subscribe to
the list or follow the news group for a while.

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Nick Wilson wrote:

> just a very quick note: I've been following the list for about a
> week and I probably follow one or two threads a day. Some of the stuff
> here is *very* interesting. Unfortunately most of the stuff posted is a
> little ridiculous in that it's posted by people that clearly don't know
> where the online manual is located.

If you notice someone asking a question that has been asnwered in the
manual, and you're going to spend the time writing to the list, you might
as well be as helpful as possible.  Answer a question, politely note that
the manual is a great first-source for anwers, and provide a link into the
manual where the person can find that you're telling the truth.  Everyone
has a lapse in judgement or knowledge at some point, and if that annoys
you, note that it annoys us to hear that it annoys you.  People are more
receptive to someone who treats them with respect than to people who
preach down from a self-built soap box.

I'm not your mom, nor a list moderator ... so take the above as advice
that will help you not look like more of a fool than those whom you think
are foolish.

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