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> This is a good point.  I'm using the LAMP scheme right now for my 
> employer (though I haven't yet explained the advantages).  I'm hoping 
> that, when I'm done, I can provide a report explaining how much was 
> saved by going with open source solutions -- right now the only two 
> purchases made specifically for my project were
> 1) Mac OS X 10.1
> 2) Extra memory for the Linux server
> (and I'd like them to buy me the full version of BBedit so I don't have 
> to use the "lite" -- $89 upgrade)
> Is there a resource that helps me weigh the cost-effectiveness of the 
> choices I made?  (Note that the savings aren't as great as you might 
> think -- we already have Oracle and a hosting service that provides ASP, 
> but I wonder what the licenses would have cost us.)

I don't think there are any resources that address that because it's 
really very broad and to some extent a bit subjective.  Your point about 
your hosting provider already providing ASP is part of that.

"It's already provided for free" - well, you're not getting 100% of that 
machine.  There may be 200 other accounts on there, all of which affect 
your performance.  Same is true in shared linux accounts, no doubt, but 
my experience has been that LAMP is better at resource sharing/balancing 
without bogging down (anecdotal only - I have no hard proof).  But if 
you're noticing slow downs on your site, especially if you're getting 
decent traffic, you have to upgrade to a dedicated machine.  At that 
point, the licensing costs come in to play, although MS has extremely 
competitive ASP (app service provider) plans for hosting SQLserver, ASP, 
etc to try to minimize the cost for hosting providers doing dedicated 
machines.  Free is still free, and they can't quite beat that yet.  :)

If you're stuck in 'hosting' environments, you'll be hard pressed to 
show the cost savings, because it's often $5-$10/month difference for 
comparable ASP or LAMP setups.  The difference comes in, imo, in 
upgrading to full server(s).  You've got the one time hit, plus the cost 
of PCAnywhere or something (you could live with VNC I guess) to do 
remote admin, plus the security track record.

I'd be happy to discuss more of this with you if you want to take it off 
list if this is getting too offtopic.

Michael Kimsal
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