I've also heard it described as a newsletter.
Or a mailing list.

A good program that does this is

Thirty bucks, with a built-in SMPT server.

Lars Wilhelmsen wrote:

> "Ben Clumeck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I would like to send an e-mail (the same e-mail) to 1,000 different
> people.
> > I want each persons name to be in the "To:" field.  Is there a way to
> > customize it to where it can say Dear____ (having a different persons name
> > corresponding to an e-mail address) so that it looks customized.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Ben
> >
> What you are describing is called SPAMMING, something
> we really, really dislike.
> Answer to your question: yes, it's pretty simple, but PHP
> is generally a language for web applications, I think Perl
> is more suited for your needs.
> And no, I do not want to teach anyone how to send 1,000
> email to 1,000 different persons.
> Regards,
> Lars WIlhelmsen

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