On 10 Feb 2002, at 17:23, Viper wrote:

> Hi every one I am going to be working on a site that will contain
> hopefully a single point where people can get php class files, Sorce
> code help, and MySQL database help, Plus a kind of comunity for PHP. I
> know there are other site such as this but I would like to create a 1
> place for all type site. It will be done in PHP and use a MySQL
> backend if any one is interested in getting in on this project please
> E-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] I think it would be a great project.

Well I have no end of such places to find. I'm new to PHP. What 
interests me much more is how to go about organizing my project. 
I have such a system using mod_per/Perl. Perl also has 
Mason/AxKit etc. ... I use my own which revolves around 

I was recently told about smarty as a templating system and I'm 
going to give it a shot. I'm going to recreate my method in PHP 
which I use in Perl as I just really, really don't like having these php 
pages with programming in them all over the place. I like things to 
be consolidated. 

I would suggest you start a site which is about THE WAYS of  
DESIGNING solutions with PHP and MySQL (but why, why in the 
world don't you just do it with PHP/RDBMS).  There is more than 
one way and yet I rarely in fact hardly ever find a site DISCUSSING 
this. There are a lot of sites that say "this is our way" but most of 
them don't even do that .. they just say download XYZ and there is 
no question or discussion of their "way".

Now, perhaps I've missed these sites, if so please bombard me 
with the urls. Othewise, consider a site which does this. I have no 
end of bookmarks for sites with the tactical questions. 


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