I dont think any of us can break the E-mail habbit :) I agree with you there 
are alot of sites out there. That is a good idea to show ways to do things in 
different DB's sort of a DB centric site. I guess the main focus of the site is 
community help. Not only code snippet stuff. But Forums and E-mail help. The 
thing about PHP is it is a relativly new language and alot of people need help 
with it. So a site that allows them to comunicate directly with some "experts" 
can help them greatly. Also looking at code snippets with articles like 
phpbuilder helps people alot when the get stuck. I will let you know when it 
goes up :) Thanks for all your ideas.


Quoting "Peter J. Schoenster" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On 10 Feb 2002, at 21:17, Viper wrote:
> > I may have worded this wrong. The site will focus on PHP and the use
> > of Databases with PHP, (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, others...). I was
> > typing fast and just threw MySQL out :) I do quite a bit of
> > development in PHP and MySQL so I am most familiar with it. I am also
> > very familiar with Oracle. I have yet to find a PHP help site that
> > focuses on Databases and Code Repositorys Related specificaly to PHP
> > and it's use with them. The main thing I want the site to be is a
> > Community where people can come to get help and read articles about
> > the Use Of PHP in the real world. That sound more interesting? :)
> Yes and No :)
> If you search say google for php/oracle/mysql/rdbms you'll have no end of 
> sites to visit. Everywhere I go I see small snippets of how to do this or
> that.
> I'm thinking more on along these lines:
> > Smart Architectures in PHP
> > Tim Perdue 
> http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/tim20001010.php3
> although I think a site could go beyond that and just be smart architectures
> and then show/discuss etc. in Perl/PHP ... 
> But heck, I think there is always room for more good sites.
> If you did more databases then it might be interesting to show the 
> differences between them. Mysql is evolving fast and it's been the one I 
> used most but I've also used postgresq and oracle. I've not used triggers or
> stored procedures AT ALL but I'm familiar with them and as a data model 
> grows in complexity it really seems easier to me to use such tools rather 
> than doing all the work in my programming language. I don't see this stuff 
> discussed much. I'd like to see these kinds of things. How you do X in 
> Oracle but is done like Y in MySQL, etc.
> I'm a little "scared" of your reference to "code repositories". I like CPAN
> for 
> Perl and I guess Pear for PHP but I haven't gotten into it much as I'm still
> learning PHP.  imho the OO approach with classes as black boxes is 
> much better than the "scripting" nature of Perl/PHP. "code repositories" 
> bring to mind cut and paste and I try and avoid that at all costs.
> Just my thoughts. I'd certainly like to know when your site goes live. I'm
> too 
> busy to help with anything myself. Unemployed and spending all my time 
> trying to find work :) except I can't break my email habits :)
> Peter
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> "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go
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