It does indeed!

I got the domain a couple of weeks ago, and I have a couple
of mates who are keen to set it all up, now all we need is a
boot in the arse to get it going!

I have some neat servers and a phatt connection.  It'll do to
get us started, but may need some more grunt later on.
There's a brief description for ya.

Looking forward to it, will be swell once it's going!
As for an easier way to talk about it all, IRC sound

Connect to:
Join:  #fearful_right  (A mate's chatroom)
Cya there!

-  Liam (Enigma)

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Subject: Re: [PHP] Interest in Project

> I may have worded this wrong. The site will focus on PHP and the use of
> Databases with PHP, (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, others...). I was typing
fast and
> just threw MySQL out :) I do quite a bit of development in PHP and MySQL
so I
> am most familiar with it. I am also very familiar with Oracle. I have yet
> find a PHP help site that focuses on Databases and Code Repositorys
> specificaly to PHP and it's use with them. The main thing I want the site
to be
> is a Community where people can come to get help and read articles about
> Use Of PHP in the real world. That sound more interesting? :)
> -=>Adam<=-
> Quoting "Peter J. Schoenster" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > On 10 Feb 2002, at 17:23, Viper wrote:
> >
> > > Hi every one I am going to be working on a site that will contain
> > > hopefully a single point where people can get php class files, Sorce
> > > code help, and MySQL database help, Plus a kind of comunity for PHP. I
> > > know there are other site such as this but I would like to create a 1
> > > place for all type site. It will be done in PHP and use a MySQL
> > > backend if any one is interested in getting in on this project please
> > > E-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] I think it would be a great project.
> >
> > Well I have no end of such places to find. I'm new to PHP. What
> > interests me much more is how to go about organizing my project.
> > I have such a system using mod_per/Perl. Perl also has
> > Mason/AxKit etc. ... I use my own which revolves around
> > HTML::Template.
> >
> > I was recently told about smarty as a templating system and I'm
> > going to give it a shot. I'm going to recreate my method in PHP
> > which I use in Perl as I just really, really don't like having these php
> > pages with programming in them all over the place. I like things to
> > be consolidated.
> >
> > I would suggest you start a site which is about THE WAYS of
> > DESIGNING solutions with PHP and MySQL (but why, why in the
> > world don't you just do it with PHP/RDBMS).  There is more than
> > one way and yet I rarely in fact hardly ever find a site DISCUSSING
> > this. There are a lot of sites that say "this is our way" but most of
> > them don't even do that .. they just say download XYZ and there is
> > no question or discussion of their "way".
> >
> > Now, perhaps I've missed these sites, if so please bombard me
> > with the urls. Othewise, consider a site which does this. I have no
> > end of bookmarks for sites with the tactical questions.
> >
> > Peter
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